Thursday, February 5, 2009

Preparing for the Attack of the Bigots

Fair-minded Americans are especially challenged by Obama's rise to the highest office in the land.

Many like Rush Limbaugh are openly hoping for America's first president with a non-traditional demographic to fail. Cheney recently claimed America is becoming unsafe due to Obama and he is perhaps waiting for his "I told you so" moment should, God-forbid, something bad happen.

The challenge before us is to produce a thousand men and women of Obama's caliber. The man's temperament is extraordinary. The clarity he brings on issues is refreshing. His ability to stand calmly under pressure and smile is unparalleled. Hate-mongers are plotting and hoping for things to fall apart. They want things to go wrong so they will spread fear for as long as they can so Americans do not soon dream of thinking freely when it comes to racial and other prejudices.

Now is the time to prepare. The silent majority has its work cut out for it. If anything goes wrong, the hatemongers will have a field day. Prepare! Be ready!!


Naeem: said...


"The challenge before us is to produce a thousand men and women of Obama's caliber."

Really? 15 days and you're ready to name a bridge and some highway after him? A bit premature methinks...

Why not hold off on claims of grandeur until his policies have had time to resonate?

ThinkingMuslim said...

Salams, Brother Naeem. Man, you're tough - "claims of grandeur"?...Some day you will write a novel that will make Jhumpa Laheri and Ernest Hemingway look like amateurs.

OK, so you have a point, it is early in his presidency. However, some of us have been watching him for over two years and if you read the things I listed about him that are worth emulating, I think it's safe to say they are all personality traits so they have nothing to do with resonance or dissonance, or amplification or Brownian motion (what did you do, go to some tech school?).