Monday, March 9, 2009

Paging Parents of Young Abdul Malik...

I spent 3 hours in transit on Terminal 3 of London's Heathrow airport on Sunday. In that brief period, there were two cases of children getting separated from their parents. In each case a public service announcement sought to reconnect the child with parents. The first was a baby girl, I do not remember the exact name, but it was a Muslim name. An hour later and I was amazed: "Will the parents of young Abdul Malik, about 6 years old and separated from his parents, please come the the central security area?" Another Muslim family had managed to lose their child!

Two out of two in three hours, both Muslim...what does this say about us? Wonder who we blame for this sort of attitude? Israel? America? Or some other "legion of kuffar and mushrikeen"?

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Naeem: said...


Don't you know? Its in their Protocols of Zion, Ch2, p37

"And separatest them from their children in orderest for thou to conquer them (especially thou shalt focus on airport terminals)"

Those dastardly rascals!!