Wednesday, December 24, 2008

As if the Future Mattered

Dulles International Airport (IAD) outside Washington, D.C. is one of America's busiest airports. It has been undergoing renovation/expansion for the past few years and its inspired designers created galleries to share some of the history of the airport (an odd thing to do if you ask me - just quickly complete the darn work and move on). There is this one panel where they got a little nostalgic and were trying to impress the point that the airport's original architects never lost sight of the future when the airport might serve vastly more passengers. Now slow down as you read this...the point being made was they (the founders) planned because - still with me? - BECAUSE the future matters. Except...and I keep thinking it can't be just me who has been noticing this sign for the last two years...the sign says PLANNING AS IF THE FUTURE MATTERED. Somewhere out there is an English teacher who let a student down.

My only other thought on this is, I hope their construction skills are better than their English language skills.

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