Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two Failed Strategies

I have gone on record describing how the strategy by Palestinians to regain their lost land has been a failure. All Muslims feel a connection to this human tragedy because the Holy Lands are equally as holy to us. And I have described in previous posts that this Muslim/Palestinian strategy has been a failure and will continue to be a failure. It violates some of the basic precepts of Islam and common sense.

What I haven't written about at all is the other failed strategy - the one adopted by the Jewish State itself. No nation should be founded on so much violence, so much pain inflicted on another people only so you can live there. The world is a big place. It is a shame that for all the scientific and technical progress Israel has made, it has inspired some of the worst emotions in humans. This is particularly shameful given how strongly Israelis feel about the Holocaust. They of all the people should know that the mighty fist cannot achieve everything. They continue to commit excesses and great crimes against innocent civilians and feel that they can whitewash it as "collateral damage." Sadly, they have have the bombs on their side but no peace.

The irony in all of this is both Muslims and Jews greet their people with Salam/Shalom, literally "peace" in Arabic and Hebrew. Somewhere out there, the devil must be laughing non-stop.

If sane people on both sides sat down, it really isn't that hard a problem. The insane have been in-charge for far too long. Lord, flush them out, let decency prevail!

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