Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Only the most cynical are left uncharmed. That's right, this includes The Wall Street Journal editorial team. Wait, Cheney and Bush charmed they're not cynical technically, they are in the Very Tribal category.

In physics there is this trick question about what might happen when an irresistible force were to hit an immovable body. For at least a generation, possibly much longer, America's federal government bureaucracy and related lobby groups have represented an immovable body. Barack Obama is the nearest I have seen to an irresistible force. The match has begun. We turn to God in thanks and in prayer...end the reign of those that cheat, usher in a period of honest public service and America and other lands of the world.


Steven Lance said...

Hold the hope...Obama gave his speech and it was shocking. It actually sounded a lot like Bush and/or Cheney. I just wrote about it.

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ThinkingMuslim said...

You found the speech "shocking" huh? Have you read Al Ghazali's story of the six blind men who went to see an elephant? ;-)