Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Remembering Life (in our Khutbahs)?

Last Jumu'ah, the khutbah (sermon at the congregational Friday prayer) was exceptionally good. After a long time I was sitting through one without feeling guilty for feeling disinterested in what was being said. A young man was talking about death and about remembering death. Everything we see is passing. Avoid greed and being over-consumed with this life. And for over 25 mins he kept me engaged, listening intently.

But a young family member who attended the same khutbah reminded me that in the past two years we have sat through at least a dozen khutbahs on the need to remember death but not one on the value of life and how this is the moment to be seized.

I know, I know, some of you will quote me ahadeeth about remembering death. But everything around us, everything for which God sent prophets, created heavens and the earth, all this is about life. Through such singular focus on death, we have a distinctly slanted association with the mosque. I am asking for balance. I want to hear a Khutbah on the magic of life, on the beauty of life, on the joys of life, of the joy in our pains, on JOY and LIFE. I want to hear a khutbah about FORGIVENESS (not sin), on the power of FORGIVENESS, on how Allah (SWT) LOVES forgiveness.

There, did I commit some sin already?

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