Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who REALLY Broke the Truce?

I am indebted to an anonymous commentator who responded to my question on who broke the truce between Israelis and Palestinians. View it yourself. I asked it almost rhetorically believing the overwhelming assertion by political and media leaders that it was Hamas' misadventurous rocket launches.

Those of us who do not normally subscribe to conspiracy theories and like to trust the institutions of governments and the free press wonder why when things are this black and white, the issue is still left obfuscated:

Israel has sunk to new lows and that's a shame. America's political machinery and powerful spinmeisters continue to throw their full weight and power of their spin behind Israel's misdeeds. As a religious/spiritual man, I worry for any nation that commits crimes of such proportion...not for what a generation of suicide bombers would do to it, but what God's judgment could do to it.

I hope Israeli moderate will rise in outrage and take their nation back from the terrorists who are committing these egregious crimes.


Naeem: said...


Oh, I see, so when *I* inform you about the November 4 attacks by Israel killing 6, you roll your eyes. But when CNN tells you, you open your eyes.

Where's the respect bro?

Some things never change. ;-)

MuslimDood said...

You wonder who REALLY broke the truce, I think the only relevant question is also a rhetorical one: who has caused the large majority of civilian deaths in recent times?

As always, here's a hint:

Look, let's paint Hamas in the ABSOLUTE worst light. Hold nothing back.

And then see how well Israel's done to match them or surprise, surprise...surpass them.

I have been doing this exercise frequently. And until couple weeks ago, the two parties would mostly end up canceling each other out.

Now, many Palestinian deaths later and some number crunching, Israel is making Hamas look good in my mind. Which is as yucky as it can get.

MuslimDood said...

We both recently made use of the following quote from our President-elect:

If somebody was sending rockets into my house, where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that… And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.

* * * *

It would be really telling to hear what the Prez-elect would do if had to go looking for bodies of his two daughters in rubble?

I see a pattern of weekend polis and pundits using mere IMAGERY of the infamous rocket attacks to justify their support of Israel. So let's dish some right back...

ThinkingMuslim said...

All, pls note, Naeem, aka the super-sleuth, was the first to inform me of the fact that Israel first violated the truce on Nov 4. There, happy?

Anonymous said...

Trusting any government is like trusting the guy who breaks into your house everyday, beats you up, steals your TV, and comes back the next day for more.

Unfortunately, there are no cops in the neighborhood you live in, and you're not strong enough to properly defend yourself, so you make do with throwing some stones his way as his tractor trailer leaves your driveway.

ThinkingMuslim said...

> Trusting any government is like trusting the guy who breaks into your house everyday, beats you up, steals your TV, and comes back the next day for more.

That's too cynical a way of looking at things even for me :) - this sort of thinking is defeatist, possibly nihilistic. Heroes are not born of such cynicism, only rock-throwers who end up in jail or prematurely, in their graves. We may not live in Utopia, but we live in a world where each have a measure of control on our destinies and lighting a candle is far better than cursing the darkness.

Anonymous said...

I got more news for you, bro...